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Edgar Pacey is alone in a world without loneliness. His home, Vertical City, a gargantuan skyscraper on the island of Tristan da Cunha, is claustrophobically packed with the last remnants of the human race. Edgar, a carbon miner and resident of the underground, awkwardly navigates his days without privacy or solitude. He often wonders - to the indifference or confusion of those around him - if their way of life is normal? But then, Edgar’s quick thinking during a seemingly freak mining accident gains him widespread recognition; his newfound fame opening previously unexplored parts of the city - the revered upper floors. Guided partly by this twist of fate, partly by a selfish desire to satisfy his own misgivings, Edgar uses this freedom to search for a flaw in their esteemed city, inadvertently leading him to the frightening cost of humanity’s continued survival. Risking his own life, Edgar will have to force a complacent society to reevaluate itself, with repercussions that could raze their colossal tower, and humanity’s last refuge, to the ground.

Cover Credit: Marko Mandusic

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Decree through knowledge. Proof is authority. 

This is humanity’s new ideology, a civilization not guided by rhetoric or voting but by the objective evolution of scientific evidence. This unified government of science has systematically solved humanity’s problems to create what every civilization strives for: a perfect world. 


A perfect, logical world. That is until the illogical is introduced.


Exhaustive research is unable to understand the Synthentians and their abilities, individuals who can manipulate the physics of the universe, which stirs up the most primal of human reactions: we fear what we do not understand. Unprepared for the emergence of God-like beings - lords of light, splitters of atoms, creators of blackholes – a sensible world will be pushed to the limits of its reasoning as it asks itself a dangerous question, should they be controlled?  


When a society dictated by logic and reason is faced with an unbelievable encounter, the rational and implausible will collide with drastic consequences that will reshape the world. 


Cover Credit: Marko Mandusic

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The great galactic explorer Neil Armstrong is a prisoner on Warren. This planetary prison is administered by the Malcanian civilization, who do not entertain any ideas of exploration, focusing solely on housing the broken and fixing the lost. But Armstong’s jailer, Ike, is unusually curious about the variety of races that inhabit their cells and dreams of places beyond his planet’s stratosphere, seeking to understand the universe Armstong has travelled. However, as Ike is told wondrous tales of extraordinary worlds, he begins to suspect a hidden reason behind his prisoner’s journey, revealing a man searching the stars for one world in particular; a world he lost, an irreplaceable world – his home.

Artwork Credit: Roslyn Ray

Digital Design: Marko Mandusic

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